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About Me

My name is Tobias Bergstedt, I’m a guy from Stråvalla, Halland, Sweden, born in 1991. I started tinkering with knife making when in elementary school. It was thanks to a shop teacher that made me challenge myself and improve my knife making that I eventually got hooked on this wonderful hobby. Ever since the beginning, I’ve continued challenging myself by trying new techniques, materials and designs.

The last years I’ve been pursuing a bachelors degree at University West, Trollhättan, which, together with a small student apartment, has made my opportunities to practice knife making become vanishingly few. After completing my studies, I’ve now moved back to Halland within considerably more convenient distance to my small workshop. Hopefully, this will result in more knives being made which in turn will futher hone my skills.

My remaining free time is mostly spent between the goal posts at Sjöaremossens ice rink, where I play bandy (am a goalkeeper) for Frillesås BK, as seen in the small picture to the right. We were the winners of Allsvenskan the 2017/18 season, making us the first bandy team from Halland to ever qualify for the top division, Elitserien.

If you’ve got any questions or want to get in touch, just call or e-mail me.

Take care!


Tobias Bergstedt. Tobias Bergstedt, bandy goalie.